President                                                                    Steve Mepham

Gazebo Manager  Sec                                                  Julie Gittoes

Treasurer                                                                               Chris Bell

Public Officer & Min.Sec.                                        Deborah Little

Stall Holder Liaison                                                       Mark Werts

Music Program                                                                 Ian Russell

Member                                                                               Jim O'Neill

Stall Holder Rep                                                         Betty Sheelah



Many Hands Make Light work

We have dozens of small job to suit all kinds of volunteers with various skill sets. I am absolutely positive that we have a job for you if you would love to be involved in this dynamic group of people who put Guyra on show every year for 12 to 14 days. We would love you to come along to our meetings held 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Music/food Pavilion on the festival grounds. (note we du take a break from meeting for June, July & August